Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three and Thriving!!

So as the months have passed much has happened! Jackson is about to wrap up his first school year in two weeks, and the time has flown! Here are a few photos from Jacksons Birthday last September all the way to Valentines Day!


The Big 3 Year Old!


First Day of Preschool

Off to class with his teacher, Miss Nicole

Christmas Angel

Mommy and Daddy's Little Valentine!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Almost 3 Year Old!

Hi family and friends,

Sarah the Nanny here, I have been absolutely terrible about updating on here.  Jackson is doing so good and has grown like a weed! Getting ready to celebrate his 3rd birthday here soon, which is just amazing to me!

 Jackson is such a boy, he loves cars, trains, and fire trucks I took a few pics of him today playing on his new fire truck he got, and just a few other cute pictures. Enjoy!
So sweet

woo woo!

Bye Plane, see you soon!

ready for take off!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Updates for 2013

Hi everyone,

Been a little behind on updating the blog, so I will be combining the last few months into one post (lots of pictures!)

Jackson has been doing great, he's getting so tall and talking a lot! He is as sweet as can be and gives the best hugs!!

Check out the pictures, everything from Christmas to Easter is posted, hope you enjoy!!!

ECI Annual Christmas Party and pictures with Santa and Mrs. Clause

Helping clean the bowl after making some brownies, such a mess but oh so cute!

We went to the Zilker Park Trail of Lights what a fun night!

Cute family photo!

Christmas with Grandma and Papa Wood

Christmas at home
Cousins in matching Christmas outfits!

Mac helping Jackson open up his....


Showing off his musical talents

Playing a song for Thys

Showing off his awesome bomber jacket

 So the family got together to send off Jaime, Tommy and Thys to London, and I got the boys matching "I love my cousin" shirts, so we tried to get a few pics together.

For Julia's birthday I made her a photo collage shadow box with pictures of Jackson here are a few that I put in there.

Below are pictures from Easter; Greg, Julia and Jackson went to Halletsville to visit his Aunt Lisa and her family on their ranch. Jackson got to see cows, and loved it!


Tommy, Jaime and Thys came back to the states and got to have a weekend visit here in Austin, so the family went and checked out the Zilker Park train and from the looks of it Jackson had a blast! He loves to say "Twaaaaaain hoo hoo"

Although Tommy had to head back to London for work, Jaime and Thys are still in the states for a little while so Jackson got to have a play date with his cousin, these boys are so silly!!

Nothing like a candid shot lol poor Thys was done taking pictures

I think Jackson is pretending he is an astronaut