Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a Boy and his Bear...

I think Bear had a boo-boo

So Jackson gave big hugs :)

Then, they played Hide N' Seek

And then Jackson sat on him haha

Summer Updates

So hopefully everyone has had an enjoyable Summer, and kept cool! Jackson has been quite busy with a family trip to Florida, Music Together Classes with Mommy, and of course tons of fun with his Nanny.  His new favorite thing is pretend cooking/eating, so we brought his Grill set to his play area, and he loves it! He is always "cooking" up something up yummy! Below is a compilation of photos from this Summer.

"No Pictures Please!"

"Now where did I put those keys?"

Step back and watch the Grill Master work!

Needs more salt!

"Ah, that's better!"

Jacksons Hungry Caterpillar

Time to check on those steaks!

Foods Done!