Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Year with Jackson

Sarah the Nanny here, taking a quick moment to mention, I have reached the one year mark with the Wood family, and it has been a fantastic one at that!

 It has been such a blessing to see Jackson grow, learn, and discover new things everyday.  I look forward to many more exciting milestones with him in the future!

February 2012

June 2012

November 2012

ECI Christmas Party

Happy Holidays All,

Jackson has been doing fantastic, and he has been loving this holiday season! He had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with the family, and is very much looking forward to Christmas.  He even got an early visit to see Santa this year, at the ECI Christmas Party.  

Looking so handsome!

Distracted by toys haha

Stay tuned for more fun holiday pictures are Christmas nears