Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

So as Jackson is learning to talk more, I have been trying to teach him words like "Please" and "Thank You", seems more polite than grunting when he wants things, and although it is a work in progress, I think he's starting to understand.  Today while he was finishing up eating, he held out his hand, so I shook it and said, "Nice to Meet You!", and he had the biggest smile, so he put his hand up again and I repeated.  This is now a fun game he likes, so I was fortunate enough to catch it on tape.  Enjoy!

He has also really been loving his Music Together class he goes to with Julia on Fridays, so I try to play his songs as much as possible. He has this Mickey Mouse drum that came filled with little instruments, like clackers, a harmonica, maracas, and even a recorder.  He now knows how to blow on the recorder to get some sound out and it's pretty cute!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dinos, Mother's Day, and All Around Cuteness

Well the cord for the camera was M.I.A so I was unable to update Jackson's blog.  He has had quite a busy last few weeks but as ever he continues getting bigger everyday.

Jackson's Mom got some of those capsules you put in warm water that, dissolve into sponge shapes, and these kind were dinosaurs and he was FASCINATED!

Also for Mother's Day, Jackson made a special project for his Mommy, it was a stepping stone that we mixed together, and put in the mold, and then painted it.  We also gave her some Orchids, and she got some gorgeous "Longhorn" Tulips from Greg.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bless the Mess!

So Jackson had a pretty normal lunch today, tuna fish sandwich and fresh steamed green beans, after eating  well I decided to give him a chocolate pudding cup for dessert, usually I just feed him but I decided to allow him the honor of feeding himself and boy oh boy, was that a sight!

I got him cleaned, and let him play in just his diaper (since his onesie had chocolate all over it), and since he needed a bath, just let him run around a bit until his lunch settled.

He was so happy in just a diaper, feeling liberated I suppose, but he got a nice bath and down for nap he went.

More Scrunchie face

Cute, messy boy


Playtime with Jackson

Jackson has had a great week so far! It's been a little humid and overcast all week with rain off and on, so we have kept our playtime inside. I forgot I had some pictures of Jackson playing to upload, so here they are:

chomp chomp chomp!

there's a nice shark....

Don't mess with me!

Let's Read!

Scrunchie face

So stylish!