Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keepin' Cool

What crazy summer weather we have been having, it's been scorching, humid, and even rainy at times, so Jackson has been staying in a lot.  He has developed some new interests over the past few weeks, one of which is playing with his kitchen and grill set.  He loves getting mixing bowls and spoons and pretend "cooking", he will even stir in the bowl and pretend eating, it's too cute.

His vocabulary has also improved, he is using a lot more inflection in his voice, and is repeating things more, so I'm working on the ABC's, 123s, and colors.  He has also learned how to blow kisses!

Since we have been inside, I've been working on Arts and Crafts with him, and below are a few of his projects he has done this week.

Monkeyin' Around Door Hanger

3D Giraffe

Lion and Elephant Magnets