Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Dose- Video Special

In addition to all of the excitement, Jackson has started to roll from his stomach to his back. He has only done it a few times, but now when he gets on this stomach he always tries. We caught it on video barely, as you can hear on the video, Jules thought she missed it. 
The second video is Jackson just hanging out at the doctor office. 

Friday February 25th

Oh man! What a week. We had a pretty busy week of visitors, doctor appointments and fun with Jackson.
Last Friday, Jackson's Great Grandmother and Great Aunt Sarah came to check on Jackson and his parents. Jackson really liked the time with his Great Grandmother and we think she enjoyed it too.

Jackson loving his Great Grandma time!
On Saturday Jackson was able to meet Ted and Ashley, some of our really good friends. They were so awesome to our family while Jackson was in the hospital, organizing food to be brought to the house and making sure our friends stayed in the loop. They were really excited to finally meet Jackson!
Ted, Jackson and Ashley
How long do I have to swing Mom?
Check it, Im holding my paci!

On Tuesday we had a doctor appointment to get on of Jackson's shots. Its a special shot thats giving to high risk babies to help prevent them from getting RSV. Since Jackson falls into that category, our insurance will pay for it. It must be expensive, because we had to get a pre-approval from the insurance company before the doctor would give it.Jackson was in a really good mood until he got the shot and then he screams pretty loud after that. We realized that this was the first shot that we got to experience. Kinda odd since he has been with us for 5 months!!

Completely oblivious about the shot to come

Wednesday, Jackson had an appointment with his pediatrician, who was glad to see Jackson doing so well. At the appointment he weighed in at 8lb 15oz. Jackson is now allowed to sleep longer at night which made us very happy.
waiting for my physical, I hope he doesn't make me turn my head and cough.

Wednesday afternoon, Jackson's Grandma Pat and Aunt Morgan came for a visit. This was the first time Morgan was able to meet Jackson.  We think its safe to say, there was love at first site. Jackson definitely enjoyed his visit. He even enjoyed a long nap with both. While they were in town, Uncle Eddie came over for dinner and to check on his nephew. 

Gimme my rattle back.

Aunt Morgan, Jackson and Uncle Eddie

Grandma Pat. Jackson and Aunt Morgan

During tummy time, we caught a picture of Jackson with our other dog Friend. Friend is a super sweet dog and loves to come and check on Jackson to make sure he is doing fine.

Friend inspecting the newest member of the pack

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday February 17th

So Jackson is just over 20 weeks old! Can you believe it? His adjusted age is 3 weeks old. Things at home seem to be chugging along. Today Jules felt comfortable enough to go and run errands and leave Greg in charge of Jackson. Everyone survived and the house didn't collapse :)
We are still working on Jackson sleeping at night, so far he will fall asleep, but doesn't seem to take as long of a nap at night than during the day. But then again, we still have some time to get him on a schedule so for now we are just enjoying our time with the little one.

Jackson and Mommy go check the mail.
Jackson hanging out with Duke.

Jackson talking to his Giraffe

Apparently he was telling a great story!

Now you listen here Giraffe!

and then....

it's true, it's true Giraffe!

whatever don't believe me.
Like father like son. Mommy caught them both napping in the same position. haha

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday February 14th

We made it through the night!! It was a little stressful, but we split up the overnight feedings so we each got a little bit of sleep. Jackson slept ok, but not great. We are working on fixing his schedule. He seems to have his nights and days flipped, so we are hoping that soon he with some help, we can him to sleep a little better at night.

Today we had an appointment with his pediatrician. So far so good. Mainly we were there to set out a plan for the different doctors we need to meet with over the next 6 months or so. We will have another appointment next week. So far we are really liking Dr. Terwelp and are very happy with our choice.

Our dogs returned home today from DogBoys, which is this awesome dog boarding camp. They got to run around all weekend and even got to go on some long hikes. So when then got home, they were pretty low key, but very interested in the newest member of our household. As we thought, Duke is very protective and stays pretty close to Jackson. Friend doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but we think he might be really tired from all of the fun at DogBoys.

Lastly this evening we gave Jackson a bath a home. He loves getting a bath. Dr. Terwelp told us to give him a bath each evening and then feed him to try and set up a routine. We won't use soap every night, its more just a chance to show Jackson that its time to start getting ready for bed. We are willing to try anything to get him to sleep so a bath he got! Of course, Duke had to be in the bathroom too while Jackson was in the bath, making sure we did everything right :)

We are so happy to have Jackson at the house with us. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day--ours was definitely filled with a ton of love!! 
Jackson waiting to see Dr. Terwelp

Duke watching over Jackson
Taking a nap on his Nap Nanny. A friend suggested we register for this and so glad we did. Keeps him at an angle when he sleeps to help with his reflux.
All clean and bundled for bed.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday February 13th- D-Day!

Discharge Day!!!

Our first night with Jackson went pretty well. He had a hard time settling down and we think its because it was very quiet in the room. Jackson is use to the hustle and bustle of the NICU so tonight we will try to have white noise to help him sleep. Greg and I were both thrown up on, which all we could do is laugh about. Jackson had once last check up by one of his doctors and then the order was placed for Jackson to be discharged. His primary doctor came by to say goodbye, but both Greg and I were taking a nap. Jackson was able to say goodbye-- he had lots of nurses stopping by to say farewell! After completing the final bit of paperwork it was time to go home. Once we got home, Jackson's Uncle Eddie and Uncle Tommy came over. This was the first time for Tommy to meet Jackson and he was pretty excited to finally meet his nephew! Jackson has been asleep off and on all day, so we are preparing for a long sleepless night. Even if we don't get sleep its wonderful having Jackson home!!

Resting before my big trip home


Zipped Up and ready to go!
Mom and her little bear- last pic in the hospital

One Happy Family!

Lets get the show on the road

Check out my bear ears!

Dad and Jackson exiting the hospital

Nurse Jackie gave us a final farewell!

locked and loaded
Jackson reflecting on his time in the NICU. Enjoying the sun!

Mom carried Jackson across the threshold

Jackson and his Uncle Tommy

Exhausted after a long day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday, February 12th- LAST NIGHT IN THE NICU!!

Tonight is our last night in the NICU, and technically Jackson isn't in the nursery. The hospital has family rooms for the family to stay with the baby for a night or two to make sure we are comfortable taking care of Jackson on our own. So he is in here with us and we are totally in charge!! They do have nurses who come in and make sure Jackson is doing well and that we don't have any questions regarding his care. One of the conditions of his release was that we take him home on an apnea monitor. This is because he was still having a few feeding bradys. So far the monitor hasn't gone off once. It does make it easier to sleep, because if for some reason Jackson stops breathing it will alarm, so we are happy to go home with the machine.

We arrived at the hospital around 2pm. Once we settled in our room, we had to feed Jackson. After the feeding we all took a nap. After the nap, it was time for Jackson to eat. At the end of the feeding Jackson had a visit from his "Aunt" Lisa. He spent some time snuggling and seems to really enjoy the visit.

We are saying goodbye to all of the other NICU parents we have met. The nice thing is the hospital hosts a reunion during the summer, so we are all going to try and make it. It will be so amazing to see all of our babies outside of the hospital and BIG!! We have also been trying to thank all of the doctors and nurses who took care of Jackson over the past 20 weeks. We were so blessed to have such awesome care.

Speaking of big, Jackson is now over 8lbs!! Its hard to believe that when Julia left the hospital back in October, he was 1lb 2oz and now we are going to leave with him over 8lbs. Jackson is a true miracle and we again thank you all again for your prayers, support, meals, calls, emails and love. There is no way we could have done this without our community. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

After Jackson leaves, we will still update the blog, probably not daily, but as much as we can!! Even if its just pictures...which we know is the best part!! speaking of pics here are a couple from today.

Lisa stops by the family room for a squeeze

Milk coma

Now that's how you take a nap.



We just got word that Jackson is ok to be released from the hospital.  We will be "rooming in" with him tonight and bringing him home tomorrow.

Friday, February 11th

So nothing really new today.  Let's get right to the pics.

Sucking my thumb for the first time.

Sweet Longhorn dreams

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10th - VIDEO

So, we forgot to mention that yesterday was Jackson's 19th week at the NICU.  He was in a good mood today, and was having a bath when we walked in today.  His feeding schedule has changed to every four hours, and now he is taking much larger amounts than he was before.  It obviously hasn't affected his weight, as he jumped up to 7lbs 15oz. See the pics first followed by the VIDEO.

Wrapped up and feeling good.

Like a cherub on a scale.

My awesome cowboy pjs from Grandpa Mac and Nan

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9th

Jackson had his favorite nurse today, nurse Jackie.  She was his primary nurse for most of his care in the NICU, and is going on a long trip, so this may be the last time she works with him.  Jackson is always more calm and happy with Jackie.  It's like she reminds him of safety and care.  Otherwise, he seemed particularly tired today, and didn't take all of his feeds because he would nod off. 

We finally have his most recent measurements for you:

Length: 19.25 inches
Head: 13.75 inches around
Weight: 7lbs 12oz

YO! Jackson Wood comin' at ya.

You're taking my temperature where??

Is this close enough to a smile mom?

One happy NICU family

Nurse Jackie getting her fill of Jackson lovin'

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