Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

So as Jackson is learning to talk more, I have been trying to teach him words like "Please" and "Thank You", seems more polite than grunting when he wants things, and although it is a work in progress, I think he's starting to understand.  Today while he was finishing up eating, he held out his hand, so I shook it and said, "Nice to Meet You!", and he had the biggest smile, so he put his hand up again and I repeated.  This is now a fun game he likes, so I was fortunate enough to catch it on tape.  Enjoy!

He has also really been loving his Music Together class he goes to with Julia on Fridays, so I try to play his songs as much as possible. He has this Mickey Mouse drum that came filled with little instruments, like clackers, a harmonica, maracas, and even a recorder.  He now knows how to blow on the recorder to get some sound out and it's pretty cute!

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