Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday March 1st

Awesome news today-- Jackson is unplugged!!! His doctor today told us we no longer have to use the apnea/brady monitor.  We are totally jazzed because for the first time in Jackson's life he is not hooked up to something. This makes like so much simpler for our family. Aside from that, Jackson was 9lbs 2.5oz. He is almost 20inches long. Below are a bunch of pictures from the last few days.

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jaime loving on Jackson

For shizzle, homies

Some very happy and proud grandparents

Sharp dressed man
You forgot to put pants on me?!!!

Smile for the cameras

Mom's working on yet another generation of Longhorns
Shake rattle and roll

Who is sneaking up on me?

Oh, hey mom and dad

I wear my sunglasses at night.  Thanks to Tommy and Jaime.


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  1. Oh, he has his Elvis impersonation going in the last picture! Congrats on being unplugged!