Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday March 22nd

Well Jackson continues to get lots of visitors, but we keep forgetting to take pictures! He was able to meet Julia's friend Megan. Megan and Julia went to high school together and also were college roommates. She was very excited for Megan to meet Jackson!

On Saturday afternoon, Jackson's primary nurse, Jackie and her husband came to visit. We were all very happy to catch up and Rick was interested to meet this little wonder his wife was caring for the last few months. Because of HIPPA rules, he wasn't allowed to know much about Jackson, but was glad to see how healthy and happy Jackson was. Jackson was very content being held by Jackie. He definitely knows who she is and was very relaxed with her.

After that, we took Jackson on his first road trip. We all went to San Marcos to meet some of Julia's family. Again everyone was very very happy to see Jackson doing so well, including his other Great Grandmother! She proclaimed that Jackson was very beautiful and happy.

Great Aunt Tina and Jackson

Jackson and his Great Grandmother -Wela

Jackson and Wela
This is Julia's last week at home so we are trying to enjoy every last minute. Today Ana-Cristina came by to meet Jackson and check on us. He was being kinda shy at first but towards the end he was making all his cute faces and cooing for Ana!

We will try and get better at taking more pictures. We wish we could capture how cute the dogs are with Jackson. When ever they enter the room they always come over to check on their brother. And if Jackson starts to get upset they rush to him to see if they can help -- too bad doggie kisses don't soothe a crying baby!

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  1. I love the pics of Jackson and his Wela and Great Tia! He is so cute and happy! I loved the Irish pics too. I just want to pinch those chubby cheeks!!He is getting so big now! Give him a big kiss from us!