Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15th, 2011

So things have been going pretty well.  Jackson has been quite busy.  It was his first mother's day, and he made dad take him out shopping to pick out a card.  Dad even used Jackson's hand to sign it.  He keeps on getting bigger and bigger, and is eating a little better.  Both mom and dad have now gone back to work, and Jackson goes with mommy to work.  She even packs him a lunch.  He also went to his first mass and a wedding yesterday.  Now that he is all inoculated, and flu, cold, and RSV season is over we are taking him to some more places.

The first of many more Mother's Day pics

Management keeps getting younger and younger

Boss Jackson needs that report by COB

That's one hot momma

Aunt Lisa with mom and Jackson

The family at the wedding

Once again
Jackson found a new girlfriend to flirt with at the wedding.  That's why he always goes to weddings without a date.

Thanks to Tim and Melissa for having us out at their wedding

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