Saturday, May 28, 2011

here we go again....

well we have had a couple of changes over the last week. Jackson was fighting his feedings more and more. so we had a couple of doctor appointments and a swallow study done. We found out that with one of the bottle nipples we were using Jackson was aspirating. so we had to change to a slower nipple. We also found out that  Jackson has a weak suck. So after a long discussions with both our pediatrician and the high risk followup clinic it was decided that Jackson should get a NG feeding tube like he had in the hospital. so we will attempt to bottle feed him and anything he doesn't take we will pump in. he will also start working with a speech therapist  to develop his sucking skills. and lastly we are taking him to see a GI specialist, since he is still having issues with reflux. Of course we are both sad that we had to go back on a feeding tube, but it is the best for Jackson. He was gaining weight and growing, but he was developing feeding aversions, so we wanted to try and stop it before he completely stopped taking the bottle.

last week Jackson's Grandma Pat and Aunt Morgan came for a visit. They had a wonderful time entertaining Jackson and he was all smiles for them. Below are some of the pics Morgan took while she was here.


  1. He looks snug as a bug in that last picture!

  2. Jackson is super cute in his little hat! Don't worry, Jax has toughed it out of many sticky situations. I know he will be tube free before you know it! Give that little angel a squeeze from The Hammers!