Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday July 25th

Just a quick update-- we baptized Jackson this weekend and will be back later with more info on that and lots of pictures.

But for now we wanted to share great news. Jackson had his 6 month old assessment and he is an "average" six month old with no developmental delays. The high risk followup clinic was very pleased with his development. Of course at some point we want him to catch up to his real age, but as of now, being in line with his adjusted age makes everyone happy!!!

Also we saw his pediatrician, Dr. Terwelp on Friday and Jackson doesn't have to go back until October. This marks a big step, as he is now on the regular well check schedule for a baby!!!

He is 16lbs 11oz and 25 inches long. He is growing like a weed!! He is starting to roll around and getting himself into all kinds of trouble. It wont be long til we are chasing him around the house. Here's a couple of pics from the last week

hanging out on my wedge -- letting my food settle

nap time at work. took most of my toys with me

waiting to see Dr. Terwelp

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