Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday July 12th

We know we are getting lazy with the blog...but we promise to try harder. Jackson is growing like a weed. Last time we weighed him he was 15lbs 5oz! He is just over 24 inches long. He is very active, he loves to roll around and play with all of his toys. He has started talking to himself and his toys and its so adorable. He LOVES his jumper. He flies around in it, laughing the whole time. He has starting trying solid foods, so far he has had bananas, avocados, carrots, apples and sweet potatoes. He doesn't like the spoon but will eat it off our fingers. Right now we are just trying to give him good oral experiences, so we don't force the spoon. He is working with a speech therapist on his feeding issues and seems to be getting a little better each week. His reflux still gives him issues, but we are working on that. His gums are a little swollen, so we think he should have some teeth in the next month, he is chewing on everything and really likes the cold teething ring.

He is still going to work with Jules, and is pretty good considering. Sometimes he gets tired of working, and will be fussy but most of the time he is willing to play with his toys and listen to his music. He is a big fan of the kids stations on Pandora Radio. He has become very attached to a couple of his toys, like his lion lovie that he sleeps with. Its pretty cute to see him with it. when he moves around in his sleep he always moves the lion with him.

Jackson watching TV upside down. he thinks this is so funny

hanging with the sock monkey Lisa gave me

cuddling with Dad, playing with my feet

relaxing before bedtime

chewing on my cold toy

hiding behind my monkey, being silly

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