Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday September 9 and Saturday September 10th

We forgot to take pics of Jackson on Friday. He had an appointment with his speech therapist, occupational therapist and nutritionist. Everyone was very please with Jackson's progress. He is starting to really eat. His nutritionist told us to switch out one formula feeding for a puree feeding. He is actually eating a whole jar at a time now. He didn't gain weight over the last couple of weeks, which was ok, because he was a little heavy for his height. He is now in the 50% percentile for his weight/height ratio. (adjusted age of course).

On Saturday, Jen, Jody and Elle stopped by for a quick visit. Jackson was excited to meet his cousin Elle. They played well together, and Im sure there are many play dates to come.

In the afternoon we set up a splash mat that we found at a end of summer sale. Jackson had a good time splashing around. Its nice because it isn't very deep and Jackson could lay on his belly and wiggle in the water.

Elle and Jackson

Splash Time

Relaxing under the palm tree

a little smirk for Mommy

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