Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17th

Saturday we had a couple of parties to go to, and we knew we would be out of the house for Jackson's feedings. We decided to let Jackson have the rest of his meals from a spoon and pull his tube for the afternoon. It was a major success. He was very happy and ate really well. We feel like we are turning a corner with this feeding issue!!

At the first party, Jackson was playing on the floor with all the kids, we looked over and he was surrounded by 4 older girls who were all paying attention to Jackson...and he was in heaven. Such a little flirt!!

At the second party, we went swimming. Jackson had a blast splashing around - he is definitely comfortable in the water.

Jackson trying to pet Friend

really Dad, you are taking another picture

Mommy and her Jackson

ahhhh Austin sunset. Life is good

nothing better than the ATX

Daddy and Jax

Jackson trying to make a big splash

and Jackson was successful in splashing Dad in the face


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