Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4th

Jackson's day was pretty much the same. He is still on the nasal cannula but for the last few days has only required room air. So he isn't need the extra oxygen support. We are hoping they will take him off the cannula soon, as it seems to irritate Jackson. He has a good day because Nurse Jackie was back. He really likes it when she is there, and you can see that he is much more relaxed with her. This makes Mom and Dad much more relaxed too. As far as feedings go, some go well and some go just ok. When he does have a heart rate drop he is self recovering quickly. The question facing us now is how bad is the acid reflux and if the Doctors think we should try a different medication. We are just waiting to hear from the Doctors on the next move.
Please take this cannula off. See I can do it, why can't you!

so sleepy after a long day, but fighting going to sleep because I don't wanna miss the action.

so relaxed, maybe I will take a nap.

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