Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday February 25th

Oh man! What a week. We had a pretty busy week of visitors, doctor appointments and fun with Jackson.
Last Friday, Jackson's Great Grandmother and Great Aunt Sarah came to check on Jackson and his parents. Jackson really liked the time with his Great Grandmother and we think she enjoyed it too.

Jackson loving his Great Grandma time!
On Saturday Jackson was able to meet Ted and Ashley, some of our really good friends. They were so awesome to our family while Jackson was in the hospital, organizing food to be brought to the house and making sure our friends stayed in the loop. They were really excited to finally meet Jackson!
Ted, Jackson and Ashley
How long do I have to swing Mom?
Check it, Im holding my paci!

On Tuesday we had a doctor appointment to get on of Jackson's shots. Its a special shot thats giving to high risk babies to help prevent them from getting RSV. Since Jackson falls into that category, our insurance will pay for it. It must be expensive, because we had to get a pre-approval from the insurance company before the doctor would give it.Jackson was in a really good mood until he got the shot and then he screams pretty loud after that. We realized that this was the first shot that we got to experience. Kinda odd since he has been with us for 5 months!!

Completely oblivious about the shot to come

Wednesday, Jackson had an appointment with his pediatrician, who was glad to see Jackson doing so well. At the appointment he weighed in at 8lb 15oz. Jackson is now allowed to sleep longer at night which made us very happy.
waiting for my physical, I hope he doesn't make me turn my head and cough.

Wednesday afternoon, Jackson's Grandma Pat and Aunt Morgan came for a visit. This was the first time Morgan was able to meet Jackson.  We think its safe to say, there was love at first site. Jackson definitely enjoyed his visit. He even enjoyed a long nap with both. While they were in town, Uncle Eddie came over for dinner and to check on his nephew. 

Gimme my rattle back.

Aunt Morgan, Jackson and Uncle Eddie

Grandma Pat. Jackson and Aunt Morgan

During tummy time, we caught a picture of Jackson with our other dog Friend. Friend is a super sweet dog and loves to come and check on Jackson to make sure he is doing fine.

Friend inspecting the newest member of the pack

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