Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday June 10th - Weight Check

Ahhh what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Jackson had an appointment today with his pediatrician, Dr. Terwelp. He has gained 1lb 1oz since his visit 2 weeks ago!! So he is now 13lb 10oz. Everyone was very glad to hear he is gaining weight again. Dr. Terwelp said Jax looked great and felt good about the decision to put in the feeding tube. Next Friday is our first appointment with the GI specialist. We were very lucky to get in so quickly!!! We are doing ok with the tube, the hardest part is trying to keep Jackson from taking it out. But we have gotten really good at putting it back in.

Jackson is starting to move around alot, lots of rolling and inching along. We bought him a jumparoo and he is starting to figure it out and loves bouncing. He is also alot more vocal, including growling. He is very personable and loves smiling. Our favorite is when Julia asks him "are you my baby?" he smiles and laughs. He will also laugh when tickled. Jackson is also learning to sit up by himself.

We can't believe he is 8.5 months old!! Time is flying by and we are trying to enjoy every moment with our little miracle.

practicing my sitting skills

pulling my toys, this one lights up when i shake it

jump around, jump around, jump up and get down!

hanging out at work with Mom

work is done! on my way to Happy Hour!

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