Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

So if we go by adjusted age Jackson would have just turned 5 months old.  Jackson has gone to the GI doctor to see the specialist about his reflux.  We haven't changed much other than one of his medicines and some little practices throughout the day.  A new big thing is that Jackson is more or less sitting up on his own, and seems like he can almost stand up on his own. He has started his speech therapy for his feeding aversion and seems to be getting a little better. He has started trying solid foods-- a little rice cereal and bananas. He isn't a huge fan of the spoon, but is starting to like it. His occupational therapist is very happy with his motor development also.

We took Jackson to the pool for his first taste of it.  Thanks to Pat for his pool gear, by the way.  It was hard to tell if he like it or not at first.  He was so concerned with how bright it was.  We kept the hat on, but I think it was all so much.  As soon as we took him out, into the shade, took his hat off, and dried him off, he could not stop smiling and laughing.  So I guess he liked it.

Mom and Dad took their first official date night when they left Jackson with his grandparents.  It was the first real date since Jackson has come home from the hospital. It was a very nice evening for us and Jackson enjoyed his time with his Great Grandma, Grandpa Mac and Nan.

Mommy drying me off after a good soak

Dad pulls me out of the pool with a towel

This is pretty cool

Dad and I checking out the pool girls

I'm not sure what I think of this yet?

Poppin' my colla for my baptism classes

Serious 4th generation longhorn!!!

Check out my ride.  I can hang in the stroller without my car seat now.

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