Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's a Warm Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday All!

Hope you are having a wonderful middle of the week, Jackson sure is! We have had a fun day of laughs and sillies and he even got to enjoy some outside play (that is, until it got too hot!) But he sure loves his swing outside, and as soon as he gets a little bigger he will be able to enjoy his slide he has out back too!

I haven't posted any new recipes lately, because it seems Jackson is a fan of just about everything, so there hasn't been much need for creativity, but I hope to come up with some more fun snacks for him, so stay tuned.

 His new favorite thing is peanut butter, and I am so thankful he's not allergic (because I love peanut butter lol).  Apart from regular jams and jellies, I bought some Musselmans apple butter, which is something I grew up on as a child, and he LOVES it.  So that has been a new addition to his lunchtime routine, along with all his other favorites.  We also discovered that he loves fresh veggies like green beans and snap peas, so Julia has been purchasing the steamer bags at the grocery store, and this is such a handy way to have healthy raw veggies available for him.

I got a few pictures of him today, wearing another one of his new outfits and it's just too cute!

the skull and crossbones are so cute lol

this is how Jackson "reads" a magazine

Here is another one of his cute outfits:

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