Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Many Faces of Jackson

As Jackson is growing more and more, so is his personality.  I was able to capture quite a few of his facial expressions today, and they were too funny. Also, all these expressions took place in a matter of less than five minutes, pretty amusing.

Here he is happy as a clam, walking toward me to grab the camera.

I said no, no, and he plopped down and proceeded to "fake cry", no tears folks

After fake crying for about 2 seconds he stopped, looked up at me, got his second wind and decided to try to go for the camera again, making this face

I then repeated, "No, No Jackson, here play with this", and handed him his play cell phone.

This is the look I got

Followed by, an "I'm not amused" look

And then a pout

So I handed him the lens cap, and all good was restored in his world

"that fit worked, what else can I do to get what I want?"

(insert villainous laugh here)

He's a stinker, but I love him to bits!

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