Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all.  Yesterday Jackson and mom and dad all went out to Aunt Sarah's house for our formal Easter meal.  Jackson was the hit, and everyone loved him, of course.  Cousin Jenny was home from India and got to see him for the first time.  He ate at the same time as everyone else, and mom and he took naps together. 
Today we all went to great grandma's place for Easter brunch.  Jackson dressed up in some sweet duds.  He wore the dress shirt onesie that Uncle Eddie gave him, along with some Easter overalls that the Blackstone's gave him.  He was way cute.  Of course, mom had to embarass him and put some bunny ears on him.  We also made a quick trip to the hospital with him to visit all the nurses and doctors for Easter.  Everyone was so impressed and surprised with how big he is, and how great he is doing.

Family Easter photo

Mom, really?

Dad, do something about this!

Check out the awesome hat Grandpa Mike hooked me up with.

Stylin' in my Easter outfit courtesy of the Blackstone's.

Hangin' with my new pal.

Mom and I at Easter Brunch

Dad and I after the Easter Feast

Grandpa Mike sure took a shining to me this weekend

Great Grandma can never get enough lovin' on me.

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