Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday April 7th

on Tuesday we took Jackson to his first restaurant, in times before we have always eaten on a patio or picnic area, so this was a big step for us. We went to Julia's favorite Mexican Restaurant, Camino Real, which is a small neighborhood place. Our friend Beth went with us and it was a fun trip for all of us, including Jackson, who of course captured the heart of the women eating next to us. He was being his cute self, and was very well behaved. Now that we are getting towards the end of RSV and Flu season, we are getting a little more lax about taking him places. Although there are places he just won't go for a while, like malls, grocery stores, and really packed areas.

Greg and Jackson after dinner at Camino Real
Wednesday,  Julia and Jackson ran an errand to meet her friend Katie and their daughter Kenna. It was a nice visit for Julia, since she was able to talk to Katie about her transition from working to staying at home. Even though Julia isn't planning on staying home full time, she had some good tips for keeping sane. 

Today, Julia and Jackson went to visit his Great Grandma at her house and had a nice visit. Jackson enjoyed the new setting, and Julia enjoyed getting out of the house. We have found that the key to not going crazy or getting too nervous about Julia's job change, is to get out of the house-- going for walks, visiting with friends or even running errands. This weekend should be a fun one, since we have friends coming in for a visit and we are giving a campus tour to a friend's daughter who is thinking of coming to UT next year. Hopefully we will get lots of cute pictures of Jackson on the 40 acres!

mmmmm Jackson waiting for his bottle.

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