Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday, April 20th

So Jackson is doing really well.  He had another visitor, Julia's college friend Nicole.  She was so happy to see little Jackson.  She and her friends have been praying for him the whole time.  ECI came back to the house to check Jackson out. They are very pleased with his development. He seems to be on track for his adjusted age. He is still gaining weight, but a little slower. We noticed his reflux seemed to be flaring up so we have changed his medication from Prilosec to Prevacid. They say it will take about seven days to see the full affect, so we are crossing our fingers it will be a better solution. So far it looks like it might. Jackson is getting more and more vocal, he loves to coo and babble. He is getting better at expressing himself with his arms and hands. 

Nicole geting some good Jackson action.

OMG, what is that in your hands

Mom, how long did they say I had to be here?

Fine, another ten minutes.

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