Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13th

We had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday, our good friends Jaclyn and Andy were in town for a wedding, so they stopped by to meet Jackson. We all went to lunch and enjoyed the nice weather on the patio. On Saturday, we went down to UT to meet some friends for a campus tour. Man it was hot!! Jackson slept through the tour, so we didn't get any pictures of him down at UT. Poor Jackson was pretty cranky that evening, we are thinking it was because of the heat. Lesson learned. On Sunday we went to a friend's house to deliver dinner since they just had a baby. Seeing Jackson near their child made us realize that Jackson is really getting bigger. Since we see him everyday it is kinda hard to tell how he is growing, we do notice some things like he is getting more hair.

Yesterday Julia took Jackson to meet her friend Marti. It was a nice visit for her and was good to be out of the house. Jackson loves going for car rides, he almost always takes a tap and doesn't mind his car seat.

Jackson with Jaclyn and Andy

Jackson with his new bear from Grandma

Jackson trying to call his Grandparents--come and see me!!

He loves to rub his blanket on his face. Its too cute!

Dad caught Mom and Jackson taking a nice nap together.

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