Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday and Saturday, January 14-15th

Jackson had a swallow study done on Friday and it turns out he has acid reflux, which is not uncommon for premie's if not for all children.  So with this they are using some methods to try and help him with this.  Some of the methods are feeding him vertically, raising his bed on one side, and thickened up the milk.  So far nothing has shown tremendous success, but I have noticed it's better than before.  This means he will not come home until this can be rectified.  He will not be coming home tonight or tomorrow.

Mommy had a baby shower in Beaumont today, and really enjoyed it.  She barely was able to leave overnight without Jackson.  Miraculously, Jackson made it without mommy there all the time.

Jackson is finally 6lbs officially.

This growing business sure makes me tired.

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  1. I would ask your doctor if you or Jackson can start taking probiotics to help with the digestion. I have a friend who swore by it. I am not sure if they'll let you give it to him b/c he's such a preemie, but you might be able to take them and they'll at least pass through you when he's drinking breastmilk. Hope he feels better--acid reflux is NO FUN!