Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday January 7th

more of the same for Jackson - eat, sleep, poop. He is doing really well with his feedings now, and we wouldn't be surprised if they change him to all bottle feeds this weekend. Julia had her shower at work and now we have alot more stuff for Jackson's arrival home. We both spent a good amount of time with Jackson today. For Greg he was all smiles and very alert, for Julia he was sleepy and very cuddly. It was a nice day for all 3 of us. Also today, we met Jackson's pediatrician. We are very pleased so far, and look forward to working with him. Julia really liked him because he had a packet of information prepared for us when we showed up, and we all know how much Julia likes organized packets. Our plan for the weekend is to finish up Jackson's room since he will be home before we know it!
Sweet Dreams Baby Jackson

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  1. He does sound like the right pediatrician for you! :)