Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday January 28th

On Friday the Doctors again talked to Julia about Jackson's feedings. They think Jackson's feeding issues are all acid reflux related and not coordination. So they have increased his Prilosec to 3times a day and he is now sleeping on a wedge. The wedge allows Jackson to sleep at a 45degree angle. The whole thing is quite comical but if it gets him out of the hospital, we are willing to try it. If it does work, he will come home with his wedge. He is quickly approaching 7lbs! Even though the reflux is keeping Jackson in the hospital, we are trying to see the positives. The good news is most babies grow out of reflux, Jackson has so few others problems and if something were to happen the Doctors are there to intervene.
Jackson resting on his wedge

Jackson jail cell..I mean crib
at least Jackson has a better view of the room

meh- I guess Ill deal with it, as long as I get to eat

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