Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, January 26th 2011- 17 weeks!!

Today was Julia's birthday, so Greg and Jackson gave her cards, and Greg got her an ice cream cake which is Julia's favorite.  Otherwise, Jackson is doing the same.  They increased the thickener in his food just a tad.  He is all the way up to 6lbs 10oz. Also today marks 17 weeks in the NICU, just over 4 months! In the beginning they gave us such grim statistics and here we are 17 weeks later with a beautiful and healthy baby. One can never doubt the power and strength of faith.

Mommy and Jax sharing a moment

Mommy and Jax holding hands

Jackson and Jules' Birthday photo

In my Guido shirt fist pumping.

Playing superman isn't the same without the cape, dad.

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