Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday January 5th - 14 weeks

Wednesday marks 14 weeks in the NICU. Today they checked Jackson's hearing, and he passed. His eye doctor also came by and said Jackson's problem is regressing, and his eyes are making positive progress. He will get another check in 2 weeks. He is starting to get better at the bottle, bottle, gavage schedule. The nurses think he is stable enough to move to another part of the NICU where the bigger, older babies go before they go home. Mommy and Daddy are a little nervous about the move, but are trying to see that its a positive thing. The doctors are using the phrase "when he goes home" or "when he is home" alot more, which is promising. We have a meeting on Friday with a potential pediatrician and if all goes well, that will be another step towards Jackson being able to come home.

sleepy little Jackson. He had a long day of feedings and eye exams

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