Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, December 8th - VIDEO SPECIAL

Today Jackson has been given orders to be fed a bottle at all feedings, and only gavage the remaining milk when necessary if he can't finish it all.  This is more or less the last milestone that they look for, before discharging a baby.  Now that doesn't mean he will be out tomorrow, or even in a week or two.  It means that once he masters this, and all other vitals are still doing well he would be eligible to be reviewed for discharge.  The nurses told us to make sure we are ready to go.  That really hit home, that yes, a baby will be coming home with us sometime soon.  We spent the entire day finishing up the nursery in anticipation that we wouldn't necessarily have time if they sprang his discharge on us quickly.

Weight update - 5lbs 11oz.
Tomorrow we should have new measurements.
The video is at the very bottom. 

Aunt Jaime painted the picture on the wall. 

Hi everyone! Im growing up so fast, hopefully I'll be home soon!


  1. Oh sweet little Jackson!....I love your sweet smile! And your room at home is so cute! You are going to love it! Mommy & Daddy did a good job preparing & decorating it. I can't wait to see your mommy on Saturday. I wish you could come too! What a party that would be! Keep up the good work so we can have a party for you when it's ok for you to be around all of us!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  2. What a sweet smile! Jackson, you are going going home very very soon my dear, I just know it! And when you do, your mommy and daddy will be the happiest people on the planet!