Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday December 27th

Jackson is officially a 5lb baby! He is now on 43ml/feed and doing well with his bottle feeding. His breastfeeding skills are still lacking consistency, but he is working on it. One of his doctors actually mentioned the h-word - home. She was telling us that once he gets to 8 feedings a day either by breast or bottle, they would send him home, even if he is still requiring a little bit of oxygen support, because they could sent him home with an oxygen tank. We are still a couple weeks away for sure, but it was nice hearing the doctors begin to talk about coming home.

He has recovered well from his eye surgery, and seems to tolerate all of the drops and ointments they put in his eyes to help with the healing. You can see that in the picture below. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday he will have a followup appointment with his eye doctor and we will have a general idea if the surgery was successful.

Jackson loves to self soothe, which means he places his hands on his face, and sometimes he sucks his hand or fingers. But today Julia caught him sucking his thumb and rubbing his blankie on his face--it was too cute!!


  1. Jackson is absolutely adorable in his little Christmas outfits! He truly is a star..and for more reasons than appearing on the nightly news! I am so happy that you all had a wonderful Christmas together as a family. We said an extra prayer for the Wood family at Mass this Christmas. Felix hopes his friend gets to go home soon and sends big milky hugs and kisses to you, Greg and Jackson.