Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday December 14th


Today Jackson officially was moved into a crib from the incubator.  Also, Jackson was able to take 15mL from the bottle feed this morning.  The nurse stopped him again today, so he might be able to take more, but again they want him going slow and steady.

Jackson now weighs 4lb 3.5oz. The biggest thing is that Jackson latched on the breast today and took some milk.  He is making great strides on all fronts.

Look at me-- now the pen looks small!


Hi Mommy Im enjoying my pacifier.

Jackson's foot, tiny but stinky

getting my face cleaned

all ready to change beds!

check out my new digs. Mommy moved all of my stuff from my old bed to my new one.
Daddy changing a diaper for the first time. He was a pro!
Mommy and Daddy getting a good look at me. So big!

Mommy and Jackson kangaroo time!

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