Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday December 9th

So there were a couple of changes that happened.  First, we all thought that it was too soon of a change on Jackson's oxygen.  We bumped it back up to 1 liter from a half.  It was all just too much too soon.  Within 36 hours they had reduced his oxygen twice, given him an eye exam, had the occupational therapist work on his muscles, and a speech therapist working on getting him ready for bottles and breasts.

Other than this, they upped his feedings to 32ml per round.  Also, he is up to 3lbs 10oz.  Today his bottle feeding practice did not go all that well, but when we tried breastfeeding him later tonight he had made some great strides.  We suspect it will take around a week to finally get this all figured out.

What you lookin' at momma?

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