Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday December 21st - The Longest Shortest Day of the Year

At 10:30am we got the call that Jackson would be having eye surgery today. His eye doctor came a day early and didn't like the way Jackson's eye growth was progressing, so to remedy the situation, they opted to do laser eye surgery. His surgery was at 4:30pm. The NICU staff decided to call his primary and favorite nurse, Jackie, to see if she would come in on her day off to help with the surgery. She was more than willing, which definitely put us at ease, because of all the people, she knows Jackson best. She has been with Jackson since the first hour of his life.

Jackson had to get general anesthesia, which was really the risky part of this surgery. Because of the anesthesia, they had to intubate him and place him on a ventilator. He was also given an IV and not allowed to eat today.  The surgery lasted about 45 minutes and Jackson did really well. We were able to be with him up until the surgery started and then were allowed back in the NICU once it was over. They actually closed the NICU to all other visitors to keep the traffic down and the distractions at a minimum. After the surgery and we knew Jackson was stable we went home to rest a little and have dinner. While at dinner we got a call that Jackson was awake and freaking out because of the breathing tube. So his doctor went ahead and removed it and placed him back on the high flow nasal cannula. They also are resuming his feedings, but it will be about 20ml and then they will raise it back up later. We went back to check on Jackson around 8pm and he was resting comfortably.

So for those of you who would like more information on Retinopathy of Prematurity, here is a link that describes the condition and the treatment. Retinopathy of Prematurity
They told us that this should prevent Jackson from loosing his eyesight, but its not 100%. Even if he can see, the best his vision will be is about 20/30--so he won't be able to be a fighter pilot. As we mentioned, we will know more in about 2 weeks once the eyes have had a chance to heal and regrow.

Of course with finding out we were going to have to endure surgery and having it all in one day made for a very exhausting day. Greg and Julia are both completely wiped out but so happy their baby is doing ok. It was pretty scary but reminded us just how lucky we have been, because Jackson has had so few problems. This morning before the surgery call, we were told he was able to take a second bottle and did really well with it. Also when they weighed him he was 4lbs 11oz. Once he is stable they will resume bottle/breastfeeding. And hopefully get him back on track to come home in late January.

This was taken while Jules was holding Jackson before his surgery.

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  1. How awesome was it that the nurse came in on her day off. Jackson must be in very good hands! I don't know how you do it getting all these unexpected calls and updates. Hang in there!