Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday, December 15

Today Jackson is 11 weeks old.  Jackson had a few evaluations today.  The first was his echo cardiogram.  It shows that his PDA is still closed, and they won't need to check it again for 6 months.  His other evaluation was with the ophthalmologist.  The eye doctor is concerned with the way Jackson's eyes are developing.  There looks like there may be some slight damage due to the oxygen levels that were required earlier on to keep him alive.  It could go two ways.  One of these is that his eye development can continue to degrade and it would require surgery to correct.  The other way is that his eye development could improve and there will be no issues at all.  They will be checking them again sometime next week.  We ask that all of you please pray that his eye development improves, and there will be no trace of it.

The patron saint of eyes is Lucy of Syracuse in case any of you wanted to know.

Not today mommy, it's been a rough one.

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