Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saturday December 25th Merry Christmas!

Today Jackson had to have his nasal cannula reconnected. They said he did pretty well, but started to "destat", which means the oxygen level in his blood was falling. We are proud of him for trying and hopefully he will get to try again soon. Tonight when we were at the NICU he was on a 1/2liter flow and needing about 21-23% oxygen. Room air is 21% so we aren't too concerned. They also have added the extra calories into his milk. We are enjoying all of Jackson's little facial expressions, especially when he smiles. It was a very nice first Christmas with our little baby. Tonight when we went to visit we met the parents of a new 23week old baby, we introduced them to Jackson, hopefully it will help them sleep a little better tonight. When we met a couple of the NICU parents of micro-premies who were much older, it always gave us hope. So here is wishing for hope, love and joy during this Christmas season.

Daddy and Jackson Christmas Morning

Jackson is so happy in his Dad's arms

Dad reading a Christmas book to Jackson

looking so sweet

Mommy and Jackson Christmas Morning

Where are your ears Jackson? Of there they are!

Jackson snug as a bug and ready for a nap.

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