Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday December 12th- Pop the Top!

Jackson is 4lbs!! woohoo!!! Now he gets to transition into an open air bed, as long as he can continue to regulate his own body temperature. As of now, they have just raised the lid on his isolet bed, after 24 hours if he is stable, they will move him to a "crib". He is just doing so well. The doctors decided to discontinue one of his breathing treatments, the Albuterol. He will remain on the other one just a bit longer, but the intent is to discontinue that one soon. This afternoon when we visited, it was time to work on his breastfeeding skills. His nurse today was a postpartum nurse before becoming a NICU nurse, so she was a wealth of information on how to try and get Jackson to breastfeed. She was so helpful and we learned alot, and Jackson was given a favorable report on his progress.

Jackson enjoying his open crib and binkie

Jackson's bed with the top opened

When Mom went to the NICU tonight, Jackson was hiding his face with his blanket. Now that he doesn't had a top, he doesn't have the cover over his bed which makes it nice and dark. Looks like he figured out a way. When Julia removed the cover from his face, he put it back. So the cover stayed until she was ready to kangaroo.
Where's Jackson?

Here I am!!

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