Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday December 19th

Today Mom was able to give Jackson a bottle. This was her first time, and the nurses said she did really well, and Jackson did well too. When he gets the bottle, he starts sucking and forgets to breathe, so we have to watch his vitals signs and coloring to make sure he is getting enough air. We also have to pace him, because he tries to take it all down at once. Because he is doing so well with the bottle, they increased where he will now get 2 of his feedings via bottle instead of thru the feeding line. They have increased his feeds to 40ml.

The other big change was they changed his nasal cannula to a flow of 1/2liter per minute. They also changed his air temperature and moisture. Before he was getting warm air, but the negative was there would be water buildup in the line and every once in a while, Jackson would get a nose full of water. Now with the new set up this will happen less. There is still moisture in his cannula, but its cool.

Unhappily waiting for dinner.
I wonder what fabric softener they use?  Blanky is so smooth.
I'm not ready for my closeup yet.

maxin' relaxin'
Can I get some privacy mom?

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