Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday December 11th

Jackson was 3lbs 14oz when they weighed him overnight. We can't believe our little tiny baby is almost 4lbs. Saturday morning Mom was initiated into the "Things little boys do" club, when changing Jackson, she wasn't fast enough and Jackson peed everywhere. She had been told that this could happen, now she has learned why you need to be so quick, or atleast keep things covered :) We worked on his breastfeeding skills and he is slowly learning. Most of the things we do are just getting him comfortable held in the positions. He was also given his pacifier when they were feeding him thru his tube, this was he would start to equate sucking with food in his stomach. The nurses never cease to amaze us with their wealth of knowledge.

bye Mom and Dad, Im tired and ready for a nap. See you tonight!
In the evening it was Dad's turn to kangaroo. Mom loves watching her boys hang out together. Now that Greg is so comfortable with holding Jackson, Jackson seems to sense the lack of worry because he completely relaxes with his Dad. He was pretty alert so Mom was enjoying watching Jackson look around and wiggle.

Greg and Jackson - snuggle time

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