Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8th - 10 weeks!

Today marks 10 weeks. We can not believe that Jackson has been here that long. He is doing really well. Today he had his first assessment with his occupational therapist. She was looking to see how he handled stimulation and range of motion. He did ok. They will definitely need to work with him, but that was to be expected since he was born so early. Also today they turned his cannula down to a flow of .5liter/minute.  Lastly the Doctor ordered Jackson to have one bottle attempt and one breast feeding attempt a day. Tonight was his first breast feeding attempt. He was more interested in looking around than eating, but part of the battle is just getting him comfortable. No one really expects too much to happen, but none the less we have to start somewhere.

Lastly a little bit of dirty humor. We were told Jackson had a blowout diaper today. So bad they could smell it before they opened the ports to check on him. What a stinker!

I know we have said it many times, but thank you to everyone who checks Jackson's blog -- you all have been such a support. Jackson's blog has had visitors from all over -- 10 different countries and over 7400 hits! We appreciate all of you-- all of the prayers, emails, meals and calls--we will never forget the kindness shown to our family.

look at me relaxing after kangaroo time. such a big boy!

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  1. Mr Stinky Pants! haha! We love Jackson, blow out diapers and all!