Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday - November 19th

Jackson had a big change today....he is now on the nasal cannula and tolerating it well. They will take a lung xray in the morning to make sure his lungs are not under or over inflated, but looking at his oxygen saturation numbers they are expecting him to continue on the nasal cannula. Jackson seemed very happy with this new set up. In other news he weighed 2lbs 14oz--but we were also told that later that evening he had a massive blowout diaper. So when they weigh him tonight we will see how much his weight fluctuates. Outside of that, no other changes. Jackson is doing so well and we have to believe its because of all the love, support and prayers you all are sending our family--so thank you!!

Jackson this afternoon, before they changed the breathing machines

Jackson after the change.

Mommy and Jackson during kangaroo time, so much easier with the new tubes.

Jackson was pulling his tubes out. again.

Jackson says Hi to all his blog fans!!

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