Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23rd

Jackson got an infection in his eye today.  It's a form of Staph, but is no where near as bad as the other infection he got.  This one is treated with an ointment applied to the eyes for 5 days.  They tested his blood to make sure it had not spread there, and it hasn't and shouldn't.

They say he is retaining fluid and is bloated.  He also has a little fluid on his lungs.  They are giving him a diuretic to help him get all the fluid out.  He must be retaining some since he gained 4 ounces overnight.  They are weighing him in at 3lbs 5oz.

Otherwise, he is loving the Kangaroo time, and is still growing well. 

Mummy Jackson

Wearing yet another outfit, looking cute

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