Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday - November 8th

Jackson is overall doing really well. He seems to be tolerating the CPAP and looks very happy to have his breathing tube out. They started him on an inhaled steroid, as they are weaning him off the oral one. He is 2lbs 2oz and now wears a little bit bigger diaper. Since he was so stable they decided to give him a bath and Julia happened to be at the hospital when it was happening, so she got to bath Jackson.

And then this evening, he was still doing really well, so they let us hold him. Well technically Julia held him while Greg looked on.

One very happy momma

Our First Family Photo!!


  1. Here's to many many more happy family photos! You all look great and so happy. The small moments are the most cherished!
    Jackson, I am so proud of you! You just keep getting bigger and doing so well on your own everyday! Felix can't wait to meet you and play with you!

  2. Julia and Greg -
    I check the blog so often and I always tear up! I'm so amazed at how Jackson is growing and how God is taking care of all of you! What a beautiful family photo! Congrats on all these milestones!
    Maria Kahlig