Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday - November 18th

Last night when they weighed Jackson he was 2lbs 12oz. Totally crazy. He has gone up about 30% since November 5th. He is starting to really look like a preemie instead of a micro preemie. They increased his feeds again to 29ml/3hours and they are adding in calcium supplements. The next major change will come when they decide to switch his breathing machine. If they switch it he will have a nasal cannula, which is the breathing tubes most people are familiar with. This will give him oxygen support, but no pressure or breathing support. So it will be up to Jackson to breath and keep his lungs inflated. One of his doctors was pondering the change, but it could still be a few more days. Until then Jackson seems to really enjoy his kangaroo time and more importantly is tolerating it. There is always the possibility that the kangaroo care would cause him stress which would cause weight loss. Obviously we aren't seeing those issues, so they are willing to let us hold Jackson. Lastly Jackson is starting to move around a little bit, he can push himself up a bit with his arms and will scoot over. Julia has seen him do it a couple of times, but his nurse found him in his bed moved outside of the area she laid him. Its a good thing he has 4 walls around him!!!

Jackson with his fanny in the air!
sleeping well after kangaroo time.

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