Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday - November 16th

Another quiet day from Jackson. He is doing so well. Today when Julia visited she took a couple videos for you all to see Jackson in action.

That was Jackson pitching a fit, Julia had just changed his diaper and he was waiting to be fed. Julia woke him up when she turned him to change him and he was not happy with Mommy.

He finally settled down and was looking around to see what was going on.


  1. I LOVE BABY BELLIES!!!! Jackson's belly is so round! I love it! He is adorable Jules. Thank you for sharing the video. It is so great to see Jackson in action! He seems so alert! This is so wonderful. Give that little angel a hug from me!

  2. I loved the video and the sweet sound of his cries!!! It brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart everyday when I read his amazing progress.