Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday November 22nd

Jackson finally broke the 3lb mark. When they weighed him on Monday morning he was 3lbs 1oz. He is such a little cutie, and is stealing all of the nurses hearts. We were told there was a UT nursing student who was assisting with his bath, and it was her first day in the NICU. When they were changing all of his bedding she got to hold him. She said it was the tiniest baby she had ever held, and after holding him, she proclaimed I definitely want to be a NICU nurse. 

His nurse Heidi was showing us his little workout routine. It was too cute, next time we will get a video. They are working on him sitting up with assistance. Since he has been laying down so long they are starting to have him sit up to work on his inner ear balance. They are also doing little stretches with his arms and legs to make sure they dont get too stiff. Jackson seems to like all of it. When she had him sitting up, he took the opportunity to look around and see what was going on. He is really starting to be more and more alert.

This week he will be 2 months old. Hard to believe that much time has gone by. We had to sign the consent form for his vaccines. They want to start prepping him for going out in the real world. At this point, we are now half way done with our NICU stay -hopefully. As long as Jackson continues to do as well as he is doing, he will be able to come home in late January, just in time for Mommy's birthday! We would not have been able to survive the last 2 months had it not been for our friends, family and strangers who have been praying for us, feeding us and generally making sure we stayed sane. We are forever grateful for you all.

and now on to the pictures....Since Jackson is wearing clothes now, Mommy had to buy him a couple outfits. The NICU has a bunch, but she couldn't resist. And he had been sent a couple by our friends the Hammers. So last night we dressed him in one of the new outfits picked out by Vanessa.

Jackson was a little mad that we made him put on clothes. He had just finished kangaroo time and wanted to stay naked!
He started to fall back asleep, but it was so cute that he was sucking on his pinkie.

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