Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday November 15th

Jackson is now just under 2lbs 9oz. We can't believe he has almost doubled his weight. We are really enjoying the kangaroo time. Greg reads books to Jackson while I hold him. On Sunday it was Goodnight Moon and tonight it was Cat in the Hat and Red Fish Blue Fish One Fish Two Fish. Jackson seems to like it.

The doctors haven't made too many changes besides increasing his feeds. He is up to 23ml/3hours. The doctors are so pleased with his progress. Jackson seems to be doing really well on the CPAP breathing machine. Today we were told he will be done with his hydro-cortisone steroid on the 17th.

The next big thing will be Jackson's first vision test. This will be sometime during the week of the 22nd. This will be a baseline exam and after this one, they will test every 2 weeks. Hopefully Jackson's eyes will be in good shape.

Again, we would like to thank all of you for all of the prayers and support. You all have been such an amazing support. We truly appreciate everyone's kind words, they have been so helpful during this stressful time.

 These pictures were taken on Sunday.

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