Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday - November 26th

So, when we got to the NICU today, we found out Jackson had been on 21% oxygen, which is the percent in regular air.  Even after all of the stimulation of the day he was still only on 22% when we left.

Another recent development is Jackson is smiling.  It's brief, but you can see it.  We have still yet to be able to capture it on a picture.

Mom and Dad spent all day working on the nursery for Jackson.  We finished clearing everything out, and painted the ceiling.  Tomorrow we plan on doing the walls.

We took home one of Jackson's outfits that he had worn to let the dogs smell it.  Duke was extremely interested in sniffing the whole thing top to bottom, inside and out.  Friend gave it a couple of whiffs and moved on.

Jackson loves to grab Mommy necklace.

ready for bed..a Jackson burrito.

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