Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday November 27 - 60 days old!!

Jackson is 60 days old~ AMAZING!! He is doing so well. Today his oxygen need was around 21-24% and they turned down his nasal cannula flow to 4liters from 5liters. He has lost a little weight because of the diuretic, but that was to be expected, and they really aren't worried about it. Since he is now 2 months old, they gave him his 2month shots. He was running a little fever, but they were giving him Tylenol and his temperature was coming down.   He is still tolerating his feedings. We had a nice visit with the Doctor who is the Director of the NICU. Since it was a quiet night, she had extra time to come and discuss Jackson's progress. She was very pleased with his development so far and was able to answer additional questions about what is to come over the next 60 days.

Some of the following pictures are a little grainy because of the low light...that's what we get for trying a different camera. 
about to suck on my pinkie, its soothing. try it you might like it.


calming down and ready for kangaroo time

woah is me! stop taking my picture!

ohh pacifier..gimme!

look how big I am!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! These pictures make me so happy!